HCVS Merchandise

How to Order

Merchandise will be available from HCVS Events and by post.

Download the order form and send with your cheque 'Payable to HCVS' to Geoff Heels, 4 Elmwood Court, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2RG.

Available Merchandise




Available to order now to celebrate the 60th. anniversary of the 

Historic Commercial Vehicle Society POLO SHIRTS 


in various colours embroidered with the 60th. anniversary logo.


£15 plus £3 p & p, payable to HCVS.


Order now from Geoff Heels, 4 Elmwood Court, Ashtead, Surrey.


KT21 2RG




Coat Coat Inner Lining

Waterproof Coat £35 + £3 p & p




Zip Fronted Fleece with the HCVS Logo £21 + £3.00 P&P
Polo Shirt in grey, dark green, royal blue, navy blue, black with logo in yellow or green. £15 + £3 P &P.
Sweat Shirt
As Above £19+ £3.00 P&P
T - Shirt in colours as above. £13 + £3 P &P.
Please state size - M, L, XL, XXL and XXL.

Baseball Cap in colours as above, one size - adjustable. £7 plus £1.50 p & p


Binder £6 + £1:60 (p & p)


Member Window Sticker

£1 + 60p (p & p)


Round Window Stickers

Green or white

£1:50 + 60p (p & p)

Round Window Sticker Green Round Window Sticker White

Leather Key Fob

Gold effect on green enamel

£4 + £1 (p & p)

Leather Key Fob

Lapel Badge

With pin and clasp

£1.75 + 60p (p & p)

Lapel Badge