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AUGUST 5th. (Sunday) Trans - Pennine Run. For further information contact Derek Zientek. 01132 579770.

AUGUST 15th.  No meeting, (summer break).

SEPTEMBER 19th.  DVD of the 2018 Trans-Pennine Run, filmed by David Joy.

OCTOBER 7TH (Sunday) Bring your vehicle day at The Docklands Diner at Goole, organised by Graham Reed of Reed Transport.  The cafe will be open until late afternoon, there is plenty of room, and no limit to the number of people who wish to attend.  
For further information contact Graham Reed 07841421169, or Chris Sant, 01423 562360.

OCTOBER 17th.   

NOVEMBER 21st. A.G.M. followed by Maurice Craven with a selection of all things vintage.

DECEMBER 18th (Tuesday). Christmas pie and pea supper and quiz night jointly with Leeds and District  Traction Engine Club.

DECEMBER 19th.  No meeting ( see above ).



As our regular meeting attendees will probably be aware by now, one of my favourite subjects is fairground transport, I have long admired the ability of showmen to adapt vehicles to transport their rides and to then keep them running long after similar vehicles have disappeared from commercial road haulage use. Many of the lorries we see at our rallies today are there because showmen kept them running until they were old enough to be of interest to ourselves.

The guest spot for October was taken by our own Chris Rawnsley who is a mine of information on show-land rides, vehicles and families and the proud owner of a vast collection of images of the fairground dating from the days of steam road- locomotives, right up to the present day.

This ability to adapt a vehicle for differing loads or rides was well illustrated by Chris who had grouped together several images of the same vehicle but with a different body, maybe a differing number of axles and sometimes a different cab; the appearance in some cases being so much altered that I had to admire how he knew which vehicle it was.

The conversion of former road haulage vehicles for differing loads is now unfortunately becoming a thing of the past as the old wooden build-up rides have largely disappeared from the modern fairgrounds to be replaced by purpose built rides with integral transporters and three-phase power units which can be erected by one or two men aided by electrics and hydraulics, saving hours of time and a small army of casual labourers.

Our thanks to Chris for our evening trip through fairgrounds of the past, and for the hours of research which had obviously gone into the presentation.



Chris Sant.