Retention of Original Registration Numbers

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Society is one of the officially recognised clubs able to deal with applications on behalf of enthusiasts with the DVLA under this scheme. We can even supply the necessary forms for you to complete.
Alternatively, your local Vehicle Licensing Office can supply Form V765 and Form V55/5.

Further details are available upon request from the Society Registrar:

Registration Officer V765 Scheme

Pat Chambers

Old Police House,

3, Church Lane,

Reepham, Lincoln.LN3 4DQ

Phone 01522 752995


Age Related Research Members 20  Non Members 35

Original Number Plate Retention Members 30  Non Members 55



Society Library

The HCVS has a very extensive historic commercial vehicle library and, although not open to the public, our Librarian is always prepared to research information on behalf of members.

Further details are available upon request from the Society Librarian:  Temporally Closed awaiting for a volunteer to take on the job of Society Librarian






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